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Vol: 4/March 2009-10


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From the Principal’s desk.....


March signals the long awaited spring and a time for introspection as well. Navjyoti has journeyed with its light aloft during this academic year. Sparkle throws light on all the activities that have made our educational endeavour meaningful and delightful. At Navjyoti our endeavour is to help the students to achieve academic excellence. However, this is only one and not the only aim. We envisage a value-based education with emphasis on moulding the personality of the students to create confident, competent and morally and socially mature individuals who will always be a credit to the society and the world they live in. We keep in mind the phenomenal advances in Science and Technology that have laid greater responsibilities on Schools to ensure that the students of today, the prospective citizens of tomorrow’s World, imbibe truly humane values of Love, Charity, Peace, Tolerance and Selfless Service, etc. in addition to being academically efficient. Navjyoti will cross yet another milestone in the forthcoming academic year by opening its doors to higher secondary education. The staff and I look forward to creating productive and dynamic learning communities in which our students will grow.  Through the support of all our stakeholders, I am confident that we will be able to continue to provide stimulating and meaningful experiences for our students here at Navjyoti.
My deepest appreciation to the team of ‘Sparkle’ for these radiant efforts.



Words from the Vice-Principal .....


Dear Parents, Readers and all…

Navjyoti School has created an ethos where effective learning is the central norm- with students seeking to learn and enjoy learning. Another legacy of our approach in management is the way in which achievement is held high and aspirations encouraged in every child, whatever their level. We will certainly not forget to reward our pupils’ success and commendable acts.
The school community is charged with energy, enthusiasm and desire to make a difference and it is with this asset that we have been able to cultivate a spectacular school culture and people. It is with these shared initiatives, vision, ideas and capacity that we have been able to strike a difference. It is also with combined efforts and endeavors that we can achieve greater success and challenge poor performance to get the best out of it. We believe in ‘ relationships and expectations’ and can feel it is obvious to us that this characteristics building is practical with consistency in all classrooms and all aspects of school’s activities.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Sparkle committee for their continuous support and involvement these past years and wish them all the best for coming years.




Dear Parents, readers and well wishers.....

We are proud to present you the fourth volume of Navjyoti Sparkle , which reflects the vital information of various events and activities held during this academic year. In order to display the aptitudes and potentials of the students we have also provided them with an opportunity to express their creativity through this newsletter.

The editorial board extends deepest appreciation to the School Management, teachers, well wishers and the students for their solidarity, mutual support and teamwork.

Have a blissful reading.


-Sangam Limbu, Class ? IX A

B-boying or breaking, commonly referred to as break dancing, is a style of dance that evolved as part of hip-hop culture among Black and Latino youths in New York City. Breaking includes four primary moves: top rock, down rock, power moves and freezes / suicides. It is danced to both hip-hop and other genres of music that are often remixed to prolong the musical breaks. The musical selection for breaking is not restricted to hip-hop music, as long as the tempo and beat pattern conditions are met. One who practices this style of dance is called a b-boy, b-girl, or breaker. These dancers often participate in battles, formal or informal dance competitions between two individuals or two crews. Although break dance is a common term, the majority of the art form?s pioneers and most notable practitioners prefer b-boying and breaking.


शिक्षक: बेदकुमार सुब्बा,

धरान १५

नवकिरण फैलाउन जुटेको यो नवज्योति
वर्षाैंवर्ष अघि बढोस् पढुन् हाम्रा सन्तति
ज्योति ज्ञानको दिई उज्यालो पारोस् सब
तिनै हाम्रा सन्तति कर्ममा जुटुन् अब
स्कुल आई ज्ञानका साथमा सिकुन् राम्रा बानी
लक्ष यसको शिक्षित पार्ने हाम्रा स(साना नानी
धर्ती आकाश सबतिर फैलियोस् यसको नाम
राम्रो शिक्षा निरन्तर देओस् राम्रो होस् यसको काम
नरनारी सबै मिली जुटौं अब काममा
सुनसरी हुदै फैलियोस् नवज्योति सारा यस लोकमा


What My Mother Taught

- Prabha Shrestha, Class X B

One day, as I was passing by a muddy pond I was stunned to notice a beautiful lotus, which had bloomed in it. I gazed at it for a moment and said to myself, Why God made this flower to bloom in the dirt? Later I realized that although it blooms in filthy water, it is able to spread its flawless fragrance to the world. No matter how dirty the water is, the lotus blooms on it. Likewise, no matter what the surroundings or situations are, we too can be channels of blessing to the world. I acquired the answer to my inquiry and thanked my mother for her precious message.

My Father

- Pratik Tamang, Class V

My father is helpful

सम्झिनै पर्ने कुरा

पारस बस्नेत, कक्षा ९?क?

यदि तपाईं हामी बाटामा हि?ड्दा बा?दरलाई देखेर भाग्यौं भने त्यो बा?दरले हामीलाई झन्(झन् खेदाउ?छ तर, तपाईं हामी ठिङ्ग उभिएर बा?दरस?ग सामना गर्न खोज्यौंं

भने त्यो बा?दर भाग्छ ।
त्यस्तै हाम्रो जीवनमा आएका दुःख(कष्ट, विपत्तिस?ग डराएर पछि हट्यौं भने हामी जहिल्यै असफल हुन्छौं । तर, दुःख(कष्ट र विपत्तिस?ग सामना गर्न सक्यौं भने हामी प्रत्येक कदममा सफल बन्छौ? ।

looks always cheerful.
He helps me to do my homework
He also nicely does his work.
He takes care of our family
He suggests us to do things orderly.
So, I am fond of my father.
His love for me is even greater.


- Suraj Kumar Majhi
Class - VII A

Pollution, Pollution
I cant find its solution
Pollution of air, water
and sound.
Solution of pollution is yet to be found.
Due to air pollution
We have to put body lotion.
On Earth pollution
Its not only in some portionlution.

The Sky

- Nayang Hang Rai, Class V

I always see the sky
But it seems too high
And I don't know why.
The sun shines in the sky
The birds fly in the sky
But I don't know why.
The moon shines in the sky
The stars twinkle in the sky
But I don't know why.
I always see the sky
But it seems too high
And I don't know why.



- AbhishekRaj Pandey,
Class VII AI have a cat

He kills the rat
His name is Tony
Loves to play with a Pony
He is very bold
Cannot be sold
He has his house
Kills some mouse
He takes some rest
So, he is the best.

Laugh a while

1. Why do Gorillas have big nostrils?
= Because they have big fingers.
2. What do cats read in the morning?
= Mewspaper.
3. Why do tree have leaves on it?
= Because they don?t have clothes.
4. What is metallurgy?
= It is an allergy caused by metal.

- Bibek Sharma, Class VII A \

Count by flowers

- Alina Limbu, Class IV B

Count your garden by flowers
Never by the leaves that fall.
Count you life by golden hours
Not by the dark clouds at all.
Count you days by smiles
Not by the tears
Count your birthday by friends you have
Not by the passed years.



France is the only country where mosquitoes are not found.
Japan is the country where new century is started when king is changed.
Peru is the country where New Year is celebrated by eating 12 pieces of grapes.

Spain is the country where newspaper was published in the cloth for the first time.

Iceland is the only place where snakes are not found.

Israel is the country where all the people are compelled to become army.


Adieu Navjyoti

- Sharmila Rai, Class X (School Captain)

I feel highly privileged to share my experiences with you all through this newsletter. As I reflect the twelve years of my life in Navjyoti School I am filled with diverse feelings. The moments that I spent in this school were filled with happiness and pain, joys and sorrows. No doubt all these experiences have chiseled me to build self-confidence, admiration and to be a responsible person today.
I am thankful to my reverend teachers for their priceless support, absolute love, constant care and supervision. Today I can say, ? I was like a blank sheet of paper but now I have been filled with
beautiful strokes.? I will be missing my school days and my beloved friends from now onwards. Lastly it is my earnest prayer to God that the school may progress and continue to direct several students in the coming
day as well. Adieu Navjyoti.

Will you use your brain
to the extent possible?

 The brain could hold information that would fill some twenty million volumes, as many as in the world?s largest libraries and also its like a muscle, strengthened by use and weakened by disuse. What could be the best way of using our brain? As science says studying while in school in tender age and doing our school assignments is the best way of using our brain. Study and home ? work therefore be called brain exercise.So, friends will you use your brain studying hard while in school.

-Roshni Limbu, Class VIII

ant Trees

Green trees give us
Fresh air and shelter.
Green trees help us
To enjoy our life better.

To save our forest
One simple thing to do
Plant trees in our forest
It is easy and good to do.

- Aditya Gazmair,
Class III


सरोज दहाल, कक्षा ९क

हेर साथी १ कलम मेरो जिन्दगी हो कलम नै
कलम नै मेरो भविष्य हो
कलमले नै मलाई ठूलो मानिस बनाउनेछ
कलम सधै मेरो साथमा रहनेछ
कलमले मलाई क,ख...... A,B,C,D लेख्न सिकायो
कलमले नै मलाई धेरै कविता, मुक्तक लेख्ने बनायो
हेर साथी १ कलमले मानिसलाई डाक्टर र पाइलट बनाउनेछ
कलमले विद्यार्थीको कापी कलम सजाउनेछ
हेर साथी १ कलमलाई हेला गर्नु हुदैन
कलमलाई सधै माया गर्नु पर्दछ
कलमले जस्तै पनि काम गर्दछ
कलम हाम्रो लागि अति महत्वपूर्ण चिज हो

Prizewinners of Various Competitions 2009-2010

Primary Level

            Activities                   Winners                   Class
        Art and Craft             Mimo Rai                         I

                                           Sagar Hughes                   II

                                           Roshni Limbu                   II

                                  Alice Chhetri                     IV

                                  Bikash Limbu                    V

Solo Song                  Mimo Rai                         I

                                  Suraj Limbu                     III

                                  Chenjal Tamang                V

English Poem             Mimo Rai                       I

                                  Angela Thapa                  II

                                  Prajan Rai                       III

                                  Himshika Parajuli             IV

                                  Khagesh Jain                   V

Nepali Poem              Mimo Rai                      I

                                  Angela Thapa                 II

                                  Prajan Rai                      III

                                  Himshika Parajuli            IV

                                  Khagesh Jain                  V

Nepali Handwriting    Mimo Rai                       I
                                  Abishek Shrestha              I  

                                  Suhana Rai                       III
                                  Melina Shakya                 IV
                                  Roshina Kafle                   V


Primary Level   

 Activities                   Winners                   Class
English Handwriting      Swikar Kunwar           I
                                      Abishek Shrestha          II
                                      Numa Limbu                III
                                      Alina Limbu                  IV
                                      Rohina Kafle                 V

English Essay Writing    Suhana Rai               III
                                      Alina Limbu                IVB
                                      Jeshan Nembang         IVA
                                      Nisha Maratha              V

Nepali Essay Writing      Cyrus Rama               III
                                       Melina Shakya             IVB
                                       Jeshan Nembang          IVA
                                       Yugal Tamang               V

Solo Song                       Mimo Rai                     I
                                       Suraj Limbu                 III
                                       Chenjal Tamang            V

English Spelling              Anurag Shrestha            III
                                       Jeshan Nembang           IVA
                                       Alina Limbu                  IVB
                                       Nisha Maratha                V

Quiz Competition             Green House

Lower Secondary & Secondary Level

            Activities                   Winners                   Class
English Elocution                 Pragya Adhikari         VIIIB

Art & Craft                          Prabha Shrestha          XB

Solo Song                             Sheela Dhaulakoti       VIII
                                              Anish Sunwar              XA

Nepali Elocution                  Pragya Adhikari         VIIB
                                            Rohit Shakya               VIII
                                            Prajwal Niraula            IXB

English Essay Writing          Muyuma Rai              VIII
                                            Royasa Shakya             X B

Nepali Essay Writing        Buddha Maya Rai            VIIA
                                            Ronit Shakya                   VIII
                                            Royasa Shakya                XB

Solo Dance                          Renuka Magar             VIA
                                             Bishnu Limbu                IXA

English Dramatics Competition
            Green House

Farewell Sister Anila

The school bade farewell to Sister Anila,

the former principal of Navjyoti School on

 1st April 2010. We thank her for

 her committed and selfless

service to the school for the

last four years.

SLC Batch

Batch 2066 B.S.